Medical Devices

MEDIKAPOLI  CRO phase and observational studies in accordance with relevant laws and regulations , professional staff and experiences is to ensure the highest level .
The most important factor in our business partners choose us quality service and reasonable price is our policy .
Snr. Study Nurse and Snr. Site Coordinator our services to our business partners is conducting clinical research investigators in the device is kept at the highest level of satisfaction .
Working with Device in Clinical Ethics Committees Turkey Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency reference to the work done by closely monitoring the work of approval provide timely and complete receipt .
Investigators from the decades-long association with and through our mutual trust , which holds the highest level of quality clinical follow-up study of the device are made.
MEDIKAPOLI CRO professional solutions in many areas of innovation and business partners as its goal to always satisfied and happy is a company determines .

Medikapoli CRO
Contract Research Organization