Who We Are

Engineer Man

MEDIKAPOLI CRO was established in March 2014 by the founders of the Clinical Research Sector, who have gained considerable experience in the Clinical Research sector from 2008 until the present time, and references that it has made up to this time in the sector; it has started to serve himself by taking his vision, which constantly revises itself parallel to the developments in the sector.

This structure is planned to be the most important and effective solution partner that is created by combining customer satisfaction with expertise in complementing the deficiencies demanded by the customer portfolio in the sector.

Mission & Vision

  • A sustainable and well-known, preferred and referenced company in the clinical research area
  • Providing permanent advantages by creating differences

Our Values

Intellectual curiosity 'Learn more to do better!'

Be aware that information is constantly improving and accept that there is always something to be learned from others.

Passion "Love the work you do!"

To show unlimited desire and high level commitment in order to be able to do the best in every circumstance.

Confidence "Move together to go further!"

Honesty & Stay connected and follow the rules!

Do not compromise the ethical values that apply to the company, to ensure consistency between words and behaviors.

Courage "Do it!"

To be able to make decisions, face challenges to take risks, to solve conflicts, to be an example for others by valuing differences


  • Providing services to the partners in the highest quality.
  • Being conscious of social responsibility, dedicating itself to the environment and human health.
  • To view honesty, transparency, justice and respect as basic principles.
  • To compete fairly and honesty with its competitors while accepting customers as an important partners in maintaining commercial success
  • To respect the rights of the employees and to be fair in the decisions taken.
  • To avoid discriminatory behavior against suppliers and to provide equal opportunities.
  • To continuously develop the services that underlying the company's identity, to be transparent and reliable in communication and work activities.
  • To keep all information and accounting records accurate.
  • To avoid bribery and illegal behavior, all behavior that may be in the interests of the individual or his / her immediate family that affects company decisions.